November 16, 2009

The CHP Attempt to Entrap at Sac Auto Show

Here is my favorite part of the 2009 Sacramento Auto Show: The CHP booth had the above pill box as a give-a-way. I immediately asked the officer working the booth if this could be considered entrapment. She said something about Aleve. So I asked her about prescrition meds. She ignored my comments. She didn't even respond after that. See, in California there is a law, 4060 B&P, stating it is illegal to possess prescription medications without a prescription. The meds should stay in the prescription bottle, which shows the person they are prescribed to, the prescriber, and the correct dosage information. If prescription meds are found in one of these "daily pill organizers" and there is no sign of a prescription bottle anywhere, law enforcement can use that as evidence of no prescription, and they may arrest the person holding this sort of pill container, sighting 4060 B&P.

Tricky CHiPs.