November 12, 2009

Submit To The Authorities

Romans 13:1-7 is a little confusing, especially after last nights Facebook discussion about whether or not Obama is "an idiot" or not. Although those weren't my words for him, I think we are headed toward socialism with Obama. But before I go any further, back to the passage at hand. "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God..."

God places whomever He wants into the positions of authority. This is a little confusing for me because of bad people like Saddam Hussein. But I think the United States took care of him. I think there are bad people who become rulers but God has placed those people in those roles for a reason. I think we can look at the USA as a leader in the world and we took care of one that was not doing "good." We, as citizens, are called to do good and we will "receive approval" from the authority.

But this is still a confusing passage, because of people like Saddam and others. Then I read verse 7. "Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes...revenue...respect...honor..." When I saw the word respect in there, I instantly thought of the person at my last job who was the main instrument in my release. He was an arrogant, foolish man, in my opinion, but until this moment, I didn't realize my complete disrespect for him. He did get himself to the position of authority he was in, where God placed him in my life. I think all would have been right with me if I had respected his authority. I thought I'd be "butt kissing" but really it was my own arrogance that stopped me from listening to his opinion and learning from it.

We each have a place in this world and a role to fulfill. DON'T think yours is something grand and important. It may be the position of the butt kisser, the respectful obedient follower. Follow the law, respect and honor those who should be, be a good citizen.

Praise God the Ultimate Authority.

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  1. Here's my take on this... God does put everyone into a position of power and authority. Even people like Hitler and Stalin. THEN it's up to the man to decide what to do with that power. Good or evil. Obviously some like Hitler and Saddam choose evil. God has put Obama in a unique position where people will basically blindly follow him with whatever he does and (so he says) he's a Christian, so he's got to have some of those theological and moral roots in there somewhere, but will we see it come out? Sadly, no, since he is a coward. Do we still have to respect him? YES. Do we need to follow anything he does that goes against the Bible? NO.