July 29, 2010

HOAs Are Evil!

We own a home in a community with an HOA.  They charge fees like all HOAs do, claiming these fees cover the costs of the services they provide the community they serve.  Sometimes, however, these HOAs get a little out of hand.  Watch this video to see just how evil an HOA can be:

Our HOA sent out a letter, reporting they had "saved" over $2,000,000.00 from the dues collected over the last few years.  I say, lower the dues and provide more services.


  1. I agree! There's always just one old guy in the neighborhood who studies the HOA rules and makes life miserable for everyone else. It's hard to find a nice community here in AZ without an HOA, but if we ever move, I'm definitely going to try to live somewhere that doesn't have one.

  2. When we were shopping for a home, that was one of our criteria: no HOA. My inlaws just got FINED for having the wrong colored curtains in a front window of their house! That is ridiculous to me.