July 20, 2010

Jeep Tent Trailer

My parents had a tent trailer for a time. We would go camping a couple of times a year. My dad's campground coffee is the reason I love coffee today. We enjoyed some of the comforts of home with our tent trailer (gas stove, no bugs or animals, heat, cushioned bedding), but we still were out in the wilds of nature (bears, campfires, fresh air).

Jeep is going to be selling a tent trailer that fits nicely with their...well, there jeeps.

I think this would be a fun way to spend a vacation.  Fresh air, a 4x4, and a cozy place to sleep at night.  I'll take one Chrysler.  You can take the expense out of the loan my tax dollars were.

See more at Autoblog.

Or buy the only Jeep I can afford.

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