January 30, 2011

Gungor at Bridgeway Tonight at 7:00pm. COME!

Drop everything.  I want you to experience the most unique form of worship I've ever heard.  Come hear Gungor at 7:00pm tonight at Bridgeway Christian Church.  Call me if you want to meet me there: 916-572-4584.

A smaller ensemble of this group lead worship today at church, and I could not get enough.  I haven't sang that passionately for years.  I've missed singing to God the way I was able to this morning.

Tonight they are performing their full "Beautiful Things" concert and I'm going to be there.  It will be totally different from anything I've experienced, I'm sure.  I think it may be a little outside my comfort zone, but they brought me to tears this morning with the passion, depth, and beauty of their performance worship.  I know they were worshiping God.  I want to do that with them.

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