January 23, 2011

There Is A Reason California Has P.O.S.T.

There are multiple issues with this video, but a few are really easy to spot.  First, there's the failed PIT maneuver.  Then, if you watch closely you'll see the first two cops approach the vehicle in each other's line of fire. Another is, when the two officers pull both the driver and the passenger out at the same time they create two potential problems simultaneous.  Then a third officer arrives, but had to choose which side of the vehicle to help on.  Also, no one has cleared the vehicle yet to make sure there aren't more passengers, with possible weapons, still in the SUV.

There is a reason California has P.O.S.T. or Peace Officer Standards and Training.  California has agencies like the CHP and LAPD, and others with large agencies with extensive experienced that help write and create training programs that teach new officers how to avoid these and many other situations that put their lives in danger unnecessarily.  Just in one video from a North Carolina Highway Patrol felony vehicle stop, it is obvious to me, a former deputy with very limited experience, that these officers put their lives in more danger than was needed.

Found on The Auto Prophet and Jalopnik.

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