January 29, 2011

So Much To Say, No Time To Say It - Part 4

Most of the time, I do these on Twitter now, so if you follow me you'll see a lot of things there.  And, if you don't have a Twitter account but have Facebook, my tweets are forwarded to my Facebook.

First, the iPhone still needs Flash.  There are so many videos that I don't get to see because they are Flash.

Sony announced NGP (Next Generation Portable)

Motorola Officially Introduces the Atrix...might be my next phone.

Google introduces Cloud Print (I just set it up and it is so easy and awesome).

Dodge steals the LED style head-lights from Audi.
First Audi's design...COOL.
Second, Chrysler's design...actually pretty nice too, but COME ON.  Be original.
2011 Chrysler 300

Honda makes the minivan uglier...if that's even possible.  I think the line at the bottom of the windows looks bad with that weird jog at the back window.  It takes away from the flow of the car.
2011 honda odyssey

Here is a video of NBC's Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric try to explain the Internet and the "at" symbol in 1994.

There is more I've forgotten, but I'll hopefully remember and post later (I just laughed to myself because I've lost the time to blog in my life, thanks to kids, and life, and work).

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