April 2, 2009

And I Thought The Roads Were Bad in Placer County

Driving the roads in Placer County really beats up on a vehicle, not to mention the drivers and passengers. I didn't notice how bad it was until I drove from Lincoln to Hwy 99 using the back roads. If you followed the map below, halfway down Nicolaus is the Sutter County line. When you cross into Sutter County, the pavement lets you know. It is so much smoother in Sutter County you can't help but realize the difference.
View Larger Map But driving in Placer County has never resulted in this kind of pothole. This is a sink hole in the Ukraine. It swallowed this Golf almost whole. I've hit some pretty bad potholes but this is ridiculous. It might be time for a little money to be spent on infrastructure; here and in the Ukraine.

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