April 23, 2009

Don't Mess with the Russian SWAT (or match the bad guys description)

Don't mess with the Russian Police, especially their SWAT team. And, don't drive the same type of vehicle with a similar license plate down the same street at roughly the same time as bank robbers. If you do, be ready for your vehicle to get destroyed. According to the description on YouTube, the first Porsche Cayenne was the same color and had a "177" in the license plate, causing the first attack to go down. They quickly realized it was the wrong vehicle, cleared the scene and waited for the next and correct vehicle. They bad guys did end up killing a bank employee so, you know, that's real to me. I'm fine with the mistake and the complete beat down of the second and actual thugs. I like the idiot who wouldn't get on the ground so they kicked him in the ribs. Then, one guy pulls his legs out and stands on one while trying to stomp on the other. Enjoy.

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