September 7, 2009

1963: First Diet Pepsi a.k.a. Patio Diet Cola

In 1963, in a new market of diet colas aimed at housewives (apparently they were getting fat), Pepsi introduced their first diet cola called Patio. With slogans like, "New! A sugar-free cola with rewarding true-cola taste!" Pepsi joined Coca-Cola's Tab and the one time giant Royal Crown Cola's Diet Rite. My dad still talks about nothing tasting better than a cold RC Cola out of a bottle. I will admit, it's better than Coca-Cola, or Coke. I did a search for images of the Patio cans and bottles and found this awesome site of images from all the USA soda jerks.


  1. Never heard of Patio - cool! My grandma used to always drink Diet Rite.

  2. Interestinng thoughts