September 25, 2009

2011 Ford Super Duty

I'm not going to lie, I hope Ford figures out how to be successful above and beyond their current and past performances. I hope they show GM and Chrysler, the two American Car companies that took government money and are still struggling, how a company in a struggling industry can shed pounds, build better vehicles around what the consumers want, and make it through a tough economical time. Ford has the opportunity to be a leader in this country and others. Also, I'm posting the videos series about the new Super Duty for my own benefit. I want to be able watch these videos now and later, as I think Ford's use of Mike Rowe is really smart. They used him with the F-150 video series that showed off the F-150's benefits and better build qualities over the Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and Dodge Ram. Here are the videos for the upcoming 2011 Ford Super Duty (F-250, 350, etc): My only complaint so far is the fact that the yellow(orange) blinker is on top and the headlight is on the bottom. It's backward to me and looks weird. Take a look: I do think the truck is really good looking, much better looking than the current model. Here's my wallpaper: For a complete gallery, check out Autoblog.


  1. Too bad the plain jane version of your desktop pix is starting at $63,000. WHAT A RIP OFF if you ask me. My brother's friend was at Ford the other day looking at one and was thrown back looking at the price tag. That probably was including a markup, but still, when an American vehicle is marked this high and as soon as you drive it off the lot you lose $10-$20K. That is when I say enough is enough and something better change.

  2. So a nicely equipped King Ranch, like the picture is $54,935. That's with diesel, crew cab, and 4x4. I don't see where that guy got $63,000, although $55k is still very expensive.

    Here's some pricing info:

    The Base Model (XL) truck starts at $26,275:

    What I'd be happy with is the XLT diesel crew cab at $47,465, not cheap:

    And the one pictured, nicely equipped diesel, 4x4, crew cab King Ranch (which includes the football type leather) is $54,935: