September 23, 2009

Why Cops Go To EVOC

I hope i didn't already post this, but this is why law enforcement goes to EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course). This guy is a moron...the cop I mean.


  1. Oh man! That just made my morning! What an idiot! To give him the benefit of the doubt... Maybe his brakes failed?? He ran over something on the road that cut his brake line?? Let's all hope that's what the problem was... But he's still an idiot. :)

  2. I'm thinking he had a flat tire, from the second angle it looked like sparks were coming from his tires. Maybe you can put the blame on the guy who put the spike strip out. If he would have hit it side ways then I could see it being a driving error, but how he went directly into straight on, tells me something else happened.