September 10, 2009

The Autobahn...Faster...Safer...Better

The Autobahn is known for high speed driving and limitless excitement. Some benefits of the Autobahn that we get to enjoy are the German engineered cars that are built to handle the speeds and driving pressures of the Autobahn, as well as the vehicles' safety features for the occasional high speed accident. But don't think the Autobahn is more dangerous than American roads. Stricter adherence to the laws of "Stay Right" (a law that I would ticket every non-conformist for) and a higher concentration on the task of driving actually produce less accidents than our American Interstate system. This is a full episode from Modern Marvels, but it is so good that you must watch it. I-5 in California should be turned into an American Autobahn. It would cost a substantial amount of money up front, but there would be benefits to its creation in to form of more visitors to the State of California, generating money for the state, more opportunities for businesses along this "American Autobahn", and an opportunity for American Car Companies to get into the "love of driving" that the German manufactures have. Don't hold your breath though. This big government won't be letting people enjoy freedoms and liberties like the love of driving. It won't happen. Increased pollution, high consumption of fuels, and because we'd love it, the big government won't be saying yes any time soon. Hey, but it's fun to dream.

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