September 10, 2009

2010 Toyota 4Runner

We are in the market for an SUV with 3 rows of seating that is comfortable, well built, and is priced right. Although the 2010 Toyota 4Runner has not made it's official debut, I'm excited to show off this picture. Now, I have to hope that it is priced right, is a little bigger than the current 2009 model, and it's able to live up to its name. See more at


  1. When we were looking for the same thing, we looked at the 4Runner. We found the "3rd row" was not really a 3rd row. Just a pop-up seat that basically took away the WHOLE trunk space, so be careful. Whatever their next size up from the 4Runner was better (but a LOT more expensive). The used ones were pretty decently priced though.

  2. We tried out a forerunner years ago when shopping for an SUV. I hated it. The floor is so high (or the seats are low...); it was very uncomfortable for me. I know a lot of other people like them, though. My brother likes his.