October 3, 2010

Cherry Coke or Coke Cherry Poll

I don't really drink much of anything from Coca-Cola.  Most of you know I'm a huge Pepsi fan.  But I will admit, the beverage pictured above, I call "Cherry Coke", is very good.  That and Mr. Pibb (officially called Pibb Xtra now, but I will never call it that) are the only two Coca-Cola products I will drink.  And now that McDonald's has switched to Dr. Pepper from Mr. Pibb (at least here in California), I don't even drink Mr. Pibb anymore.

But, what do you call the beverage pictured above?  Because Coca-Cola isn't even sure.  Their website calls it "cherry Coke" (with the "c" in "cherry" lower-case).  But their bottle calls it "Coke Cherry" and "Coca-Cola Cherry" on the same bottle.

What do you call it?


  1. As soon as I see Cherry Coke on any menu, I immediately need one. The first Cherry Coke I ever had was at a Bob's Big Boy in Reno, NV when i was a kid and in those days they had to add the cherry flavor to a Coke.

  2. I would have to plump for Cherry Coke. I love that stuff!

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