October 11, 2010

"I Am Hampton"

This is my shout out to Joe and Heather at my Hampton Hotel.  My job takes me out of town every couple of weeks, and I stay in a Hampton Hotel.  Tonight, Joe and Heather let me play the piano in the lobby for a while, and we talked about our common customer service experiences, both providing service and receiving it.  I noticed on their name badges the the phrase "I am Hampton."  I challenged them to use this phrase with their next customer.  Heather accepted the challenge and worked it into a conversation with the very next customer, telling him, "If there is anything else I can help you with, I am Hampton", (or something like that).  It was so awesome.  It was seamless, as though she says it every time.  The customer even thanked her.  Joe and I were so impressed and we both think Heather deserves a big fat raise for it.

It's a little bit of fun while I'm far away from my family.  Thanks you two.

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