October 16, 2010

Google's Self Driving Car

If you haven't heard about this, Google is spending some of it's advertising earnings on technology that is designed to drive your car for you.  ABC News picked up the story and here it is:

I know computers can make calculations faster than we can, and I know a computer can't be easily distracted, but I'm a driver.  I love to drive.  I almost live to drive.  I love driving and being in control of my own vehicle.  Sure, sometimes it would be nice during the stop-n-go traffic commutes to have a car that did the driving for us, but I don't want to completely give up my ability to maneuver my own car.  Still, this is really cool.  The safety behind faster reaction times and the ability of the Google car to travel closer to other cars because of it's better reaction times makes it a pretty good idea, and a technology I can get behind.

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