August 22, 2009

When Mountain Dew Throwback Returns

Because I'm part of the Dew Labs, I get to find out information and even vote on things prior to their releases to the world. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share everything with the world (or my 2 readers) but I'll wait for a "no, no" letter from Mountain Dew. For now, I got to vote on 3 possible packaging options for the return of Mountain Dew Throwback. The 3 options include the original throwback design, the one I posted with the retro Pepsi bottle here, and this one: My vote was NOT for this one. It's too goofy with the Hillbilly on it. Is this MD for all my High School friends? Go Placer Hillmen! I voted for the one I posted about. We will see. Dear Mountain Dew, If you want me to pull this image down, and if I'm not allowed to post about the Lab, please just email me. Thanks. Jimmy the Gun

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