August 29, 2009

Why give up 85% of the Market?

Because you are Ford and you have too many morons running the company. The Detroit News is saying Ford announced they are out of the Crown Victoria market after 2011. With 85% of the police vehicle market, why would a car company do that? Their name is in almost every city, county, and state government law enforcement agency. As Autoblog said it, "Ford is in a bit of a predicament in that the Crown Vic has the police (and cab) market to itself and, as Ford President Mark Fields points out to The Detroit News, the CV gives Ford a presence in just about every municipality in America." So why don't they redesign the Crown Victoria (like I've been saying since the Dodge Charger came out)? Use the similar rear wheel drive chassis with safety and technology updates. Use the body on frame design. Use the column shifter. Make it big and strong and durable. Here's what I want to say to Ford: Dear Ford, The Crown Victoria IS a tired car. It's looked and handled and driven the same for decades now, and it is time to come up with a modern car for the people. But, you need to do it smartly. You have the greatest foundation in police cruisers in America. True Blue loves Blue Oval Crown Victorias. So start with all the features and specifications the Crown Victoria has, and bring them into the future. Expand upon the already great vehicle you have. Don't give us wimpy Tauruses as your answer. Cops like big, strong, durable vehicles. Give them that! Take the CV to a whole new level of amazing. As someone who worked in law enforcement for 30 seconds, contact me and I'll show you what to do. Together with a design team I WILL show you how to design a car that cops and cabbies and the public will love. With the heritage of the Crown Vic and the Interceptors prowess, we can design and bring to reality the next Ford Crown Victoria/Police Interceptor. I'll be waiting for your call FoMoCo. Let's Do This! Sincerely, Jimmy the Gun

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