August 5, 2009

Righteousness Attained Through Faith, not The Law

It's hard not to look at the things we do and say as either earning or not earning us salvation. But as Romans 9:30-33 tells us that Gentiles attained righteousness by faith, and Israel did not succeed in reaching righteousness in their pursuit of the law. This means our righteousness, or salvation from sin, is based on faith not on works of righteousness according to the law. Israel lived in the same way I often think about my salvation. What can I do to get myself back on track in following the rules of being a Christian? That's not right. That's not where salvation will come from.

I have to realize that there are stumbling blocks in life that I will trip over; sins I will commit that will disqualify me from attaining righteousness on my own. Thank God for His Son Jesus. Only by faith in His payment for those sins can I be confident in my righteousness. In Him I am righteous in the eyes of God. Only through faith in Jesus can I attain righteousness. I am a wretched sinner, saved by Christ, saved by faith in the payment He made for my life. Praise God it's not up to my abilities to do good.

Praise God for Christ.

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