August 24, 2009

God's Grace to Jews, Not Earned

Today starts, what is probably going to be a month or so of vacation. "Baby bounding" is the official term. We are hoping Lisa has him really soon. I figure if I don't have to be at work, and there aren't 2 boys looking for some attention, I should probably get going on this blog again.

Chapter 11:5-10 seems mostly for the Jews. Although, if I read it thinking of my own failure to "obtain" salvation on my own power, it says a whole lot more to me. Paul wrote about the fact that he was a full Jew with all the rights and heritage needed to be considered a "Jew's Jew. But without grace, there would have been no salvation. He quotes old testament in verses 8-10 and it is scary to think about. "God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that would not see, and ears that would not hear..."

Sin is so powerful in our lives. If we are not constantly focusing and refocusing ourselves on God, on Christ, and on the Spirit's prompting, we will not live lives that glorify God. Without this as the desire of our hearts, we need to reevaluate our place in God's plan of grace. We need to beg on our needs to that grace to be "lavished" on us. David cried out all throughout the Psalms for God's mercy and grace. Who are we to not realize our desperate need as well?

God saves us by grace. We can not earn this salvation we desperately need. We must ask God for that salvation. We must hope in Him for the salvation we can't earn. We must rely on his love and grace and mercy to save us. "Not by works of righteousness that we have done." I always come back to that verse. Don't think this is a license to sin, because it's not. And you are responsible for your sin, so don't sin (good luck with that). "By grace you have been saved through faith."

Praise God for His Grace.

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