August 16, 2009

Jimmy's New GM

So Pontiac was killed off by GM in the "reinvention." Speaking of reinvention, Sean Hannity lost so much credibility with me when he endorsed the new GM and talked about supporting them as an "American Company." I don't care about GM because they were not a well run American car company. They cost us $90 billion and still went bankrupt. Boo Sean. Now back to this post. Autoblog posted a story and pictures about a Chevy Camaro conversion kit that transforms the Camaro into a retro Pontiac Trans Am. I picked a really retro front end to post here, but there's a whole gallery here. Pontiac is now dead, but this is a car that should have come out. I think GM should have taken all the name plates and called the new company just GM. They could sell all the best selling vehicles with there original names but as a GM vehicle not a Chevy, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, or Saturn (or Saab, or Hummer). Here's my line-up, based on my favorite vehicles, not the best selling (this would be the designs I'd keep): GM Sierra GM Tahoe/Suburban GM Trailblazer (I would refresh this, it's really stale. The Saab 9-7x is the best looking on this platform.) GM Acadia GM Van (pick one, I don't car. Nobody makes a van look good. Someone should try. I say, the GMC that BA drove in the A-Team. That's my vote. The A-Team Van.) GM Corvette GM Camaro/TransAm GM G8 (Full-size, I think a rear wheel drive option that could be used for cops and taxis would be good. Here's a start.) GM G6 (Malibu) GM G4 (Cobalt) Just like the rest of the car world, a luxury brand would be okay. Cadillac is safe in my book, acting as the luxury brand of GM. Most of the line-up is good, except the big DTS being a front-wheel-drive boat. That's just stupid.

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