August 11, 2009

Dew Labs

I was asked to join the Mountain Dew Labs, a group of fans who get to help choose on some new upcoming flavors from Mountain Dew. Now, I don't know if anyone and everyone can join this, as I received an email that made it seem as though I was part of a select group of fans. I will say this, I am pumped. They may send me some new flavors that are not yet released, and I will get to review and choose my favorite. Then the top three from the lab will be developed and sold to the public. Then the DEWmocracy2 voting will make one of them permanent. BUT, here is the most exciting thing I saw: In a video of one of the Mountain Dew team members, on her desk was a glass bottle of Mountain Dew. AH, where is this sold? It needs to be EVERYWHERE! I will update you as I have more info about Dew Labs. I'm excited and hope to help with the launch of the next flavor of Dew. I will DEW my best to make it taste good.


  1. That's cool! Will you get to blog on the flavor tasting, or do you have to keep it hush, hush until the new flavor is released?

  2. I will totally be reporting all about this. I'm sooooo pumped.