August 3, 2009

Who Are We to Argue with God?

Romans 9:19-29 talks about God being our maker, and just like a "vessel" made of clay can't argue with its maker about its purpose or use, we can't argue with God about why some are saved and some are not. I do think about this often, and it's one of those predestination arguments people make. "It's not fair," or "it's not a choice," are some of the things people say when talking about God choosing whom He will. But just as the clay can't argue, God's creation can't argue either. We are responsible for our own sin, and we are responsible for responding to God and the truth of His existence. And as believers we are responsible for shining the light of His truth in this dark world. The rest is up to God. He saves. He reveals. He draws people to Himself. We are commanded to go out and tell the world. We are commanded to share the gospel. There is no room to argue with God. His grace and mercy will be revealed through salvation. And is equally important wrath will be satisfied by Hell and when those who reject Him are thrown into the lake of fire.

I just realized I keep saying, "those who reject Him," when I should be saying "those whom He designed for death." Yikes!

Praise God for His Choosing.

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