August 3, 2009

Bank Teller Fired After Stopping A Robber (American Pansies?)

The AP Story is here. Answer my opinion poll questions are at the bottom by commenting. My official opinion is, "Don't endanger others over federally insured money." But, come on. Termination? America is full of pansies, a.k.a. people who allow the bullies and bad guys to win. I do think this teller's actions were foolish and dangerous, as I've fought many "thin" inmates at the jail with what we called "the crazy man strength", but it's a refreshing thing to hear about the good guys winning one. Law enforcement doesn't often catch the bank robbers, and if they do, it doesn't get reported with all the attention this teller has brought. Again, I'm not necessarily condoning the actions of the teller; I just wish we got to hear about the "victories for the good guys" more often. And, although the story is getting so much attention because the bad guy was caught and the good guy was fired, I bet we would never have heard about the story if the bad guy got away and the bank still fired the teller (and they would have). I wish there were more "heroes" and "victories" and "good stories" in the news. For example, even though I don't believe the story, I felt a little better today when I heard a report about the economy turning around. Positive stories are not often told. And sure, this story ends with the teller getting fired, but we all can think about HOW COOL it is the bad guy was caught by the lowly bank employee. Okay, the teller was treated the same way probably most, if not all banks, would have handled his actions. The teller did endanger other employees, any other customers in the branch, the "passer-by" who helped stop the suspect, and himself. This was not smart. The outcome ended up being okay, but ultimately stopping someone from taking insured money (and money that was not even his) and risking the safety of others was not worth it. Good job dude. You are a hero and an idiot all at the same time. I wish it was okay, but we don't always know what a crazy inmate type tweek is capable of doing. The crazy man strength is real, and it's dangerous. There was an inmate in for murdering a lady at a gas station. He was probably only 130 lbs and 5' tall at the most. He squared off to fight one of the self-defense instructors at the jail. He was struck in the face by the officer, knocking him on his rear, and he was still able to fight 5 officers before he was finally controlled in handcuffs. The crazy man strength is scary. But, hey teller guy, I'm sorry you lost your job. ***OPINION POLL*** WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should he be fired? Did he do the right thing?


  1. I think the guy shouldn't be fired. Maybe give him a couple days of unpaid leave and send him to be re-trained on how to handle a bank robber. NOW, if he does it again, then fire him.

    But I've never been through their training. Maybe they tell you on the first day that if you try to stop a robber you'll be fired... If that's the case, then he was warned and the bank is taking the appropriate measures.

  2. I agree with Benjamin.