August 29, 2009

Dew Labs Taste Test Part #3 (final)

I'm sitting here on a Saturday, enjoying the music of Imogen Heap, a box fan making it bearable for the A/C to be set at 76 degrees, drinking a Pepsi Natural, and deciding to complete my review of the 3 secret flavors of Mountain Dew soon to come to the world for voting. So here I go: #231 - This is my favorite of the 3. It was crisp, refreshing, clean, and tasted great. It was Dew with a twist of lime. My wife and I came up with the name LimeLight. I've submitted that to the Lab and I hope it gets picked. I guess I don't get anything out of it if my name and flavor description are picked, except the joy of creating it, but this is still such a great experience. And sooo far, MD hasn't told me I can tell you all about it. #493 - To me this did not have much of a different flavor from the original MD, but it was not bad. It tasted a little less intense than MD, almost flat. The color was close too but it was cloudy. I didn't like that. I have nothing to add to this one. #509 - The first thing I noticed was the smell. I smelled the berries right away, even before I poured it into the glass. As far as the taste, I did not like it. Fake berry, almost as though I could taste the chemical make-up of the drink (something I feel about many of the newer flavors) made this drink no good for me. I hope this one goes bye-bye after the world votes. I did like that the color was so different, but as I think about #231, that may be the exact opposite reason why it's the winner in my mind. The color is close to MD and it's not so far off from the original that it's just terrible. LimeLight, it's Dew with a twist of lime. I hope this wins. It'd be cool for me to think I helped create something great to drink. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Maybe #493 was some attempt at a new formula for a Diet MD since it tasted so similar, but less intense.