June 25, 2008

15 Years of A Minor

Jimmy the Gun is about music too. I have my YouTube site with all the stupid music videos I've recorded. And, although I've not done one that I would consider good yet, I think it's fun to share these songs to make you laugh. All the videos up to this point have been goofy. This newest video is not really a funny song but more just me fooling around in A Minor, my favorite key. Of course the quality is not great but I enjoyed playing. There are several songs I wrote mixed into this, and one of the parts was written by Ryan Green some time in 1993 or 94. His song we called "Jamaica" because he would use a patch on our school's Korg M1 synthesizer keyboard called "Jamaica" to play this. I still really like it. And it's in A Minor so it works in there. Anyway, if you haven't seen the rest of the videos, visit the Cyclops Boy Records site.

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  1. Excellent. You're so talented.

    How's the new job going???