June 10, 2008

The iPhone 3G

I wasn't going to write an entry on the announced iPhone 3G (or iPhone 2), but after reading Ted's blog about his disappointment with it, I had to comment. Ted made some really valid points. The version 2 should have had some fixes that people wanted. I guess it does have 3G and GPS, but it is the exact same phone beyond that. The rest is software upgrades that version 1 will get too.

The things listed by Ted as missing items are a great list of what should have been done. "An iPhone 2.0 with 16-32GB, video camera, cut and paste, 5.0 megapixel camera" are the things that should have been added, according to Ted. I think MMS would be nice too. What Apple could have done is have 2 models. The iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G Pro. The pro could cost the same as the original iPhone did ($399 &$499), and have the missing features. The "regular" could be what they announced yesterday.

But, like Ted also mentioned, people like me who do not have an iPhone are going to be getting one of these. It's now affordable, and it's still the best phone BY FAR in the world. I think Apple gained sales from people like me, but they lost sales from people like Ted. First edition users are not all going to be as likely to buy the new one with the small amount of updates. So "yippie" for me, but "booo" for Ted and Apple.

Great post Ted.

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