June 14, 2008

The VW Golf (Rabbit)(GTI)(R32)

I really just felt like writing about my car. Why? Because I recently set my laptop's desktop picture to a picture of the VW R32, and I love both my car and the R32. Let's start back at the beginning of my driving experience. I've written about getting my license on the day of my 16th birthday and driving a 1976 diesel Rabbit before. I was super excited to be a driver. The diesel engine in that Rabbit got upwards of 40MPG. This is a picture of what it looked like, but not my actual car. Later I bought my first new car, my current 1999 VW Golf. It won out over the 1999 Civic Si in both driving and handling and in comfort and design. The glowing blue instrument panel with red highlights looked awesome. And my Golf averages around 28MPG. Here is a picture of my Golf and then the 2001 25th anniversary Golf. My wife and I are soon going to be purchasing a new car, provided my new job supplies the funds. Although the Golf is not the family car of choice, I love the way the VW Golf (Rabbit, GTI, R32) handles. The control on the road is predictable and smooth. You feel one with the road. Each turn and challenge of the roads where I live are exciting to drive in a Golf. You can feel the vehicle react to the road without feeling like the ride is bumpy and rough. The R32 is a Golf on sports steroids. It's a 2 door model with a V6 (VR6) engine. It's more powerful and has a sports suspension that increases the cars sporty handling abilities. I know this is a boring post but the pictures of this car are awesome. And I love it. If I get a family car for my wife, I may someday buy I new Golf for the MPG and the fun for me. We'll see.


  1. As a fellow VW driver, I didn't think this post was boring. Just wanted you to know that. I love my Jetta. She may look like a piece of crap, but she's not.

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