June 13, 2008

Please Don't Fly With Us

Driving home from work tonight, I heard a new Southwest Airlines commercial. They were talking about how you can switch your flights without a fee for doing so. At the end of the commercial I heard, "Please don't fly with us." Of course I quickly figured out it had to be "Fees don't fly with us," as that was the topic of the commercial and it seems to be a catchy little saying.

The problem is most people, like me, don't really pay any attention to commercials. And if you are not listening very closely, it can sound like Southwest doesn't want you to fly with them. Let's see how long this ad lasts. I think it may get pulled quicker than some. Although, they did get me to post about it, which is free advertisement for them.

1 comment:

  1. I heard that United is now charging a $15 fee for checking ONE BAG. Crazy.