June 29, 2008

When Technology Fails at the Worst Time

First, the bad part of this entry: My wife's Samsung Blackjack cellphone sux!

Now the reason: Her stupid phone is supposed to have 64mb of internal memory. The crappy thing always says "low memory" or "not enough memory." Ah, what? I've erased everything I can find on the thing; extra programs, photos, even temporary internet files, and nothing seems to work.

And now the transition (both the good and the bad part):
I saw a 2009 Dodge Challenger on highway 65 today, proof if which would have been in the photo we tried to take except that @#%* phone said, "not enough memory."

Okay the rest of the good part: That car is awesome in person. The driver of this black one saw me checking it out and was nice enough to speed up and slow down to give me extra looks. Then he opened her up (stomped on the gas) and flew past me so I could enjoy the sound of her engine. It truly is an amazing looking and sounding car. This is the type of vehicle that should be built to save a car company. If Chrysler marketed and priced right more vehicles like the retro looking Challenger, they could pull out of the Chapter 11 road they are headed down.

Anyway, great job Chrysler/Dodge on the 2009 Challenger.

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