June 6, 2008

Pray for Each Other

Paul starts verse 15 of Ephesians 1 with a reference back to all he stated before. "For this reason," or because of the saints in Ephesus, the called ones who are God's children, and because of their "faith in the Lord Jesus and (their) love towards all the saints", he goes on to say in 16 "(he) does not cease to give thanks for (them), remembering (them) in (his) prayers." Paul is thankful for the faith of his fellow believers and he prayers for them.

Are you doing that? Are you praying for the saints in your lives? I know I'm not. I realized yesterday, thanks to Annie's post about her marriage, I don't even pray for my wife. How sad a place I'm in that I don't pray for others, not even my wife? How many times do we say, "I'll pray for you,"? Do you do it? I might say a quick prayer right after I tell someone I will pray for them, but just to make sure I'm not a liar. There's no pattern of prayer for the saints I know. It's time to change that. It's time to be passionate about fellow believers. Paul simply heard about the faith of the saints at Ephesus and he couldn't stop being thankful for them and praying for them.

I'm going to start simple. I am thankful for me wife. She is a huge support and help mate. I love that Jim Galbraith term, "help mate." I remember way back before I even understood dating, let alone marriage, I heard Jim use that term in a sermon at FBC. And now that I'm married to a great woman, it makes sense. Lisa is my help mate. I need to thank God everyday, without ceasing, for Lisa. I need to thank God for all the faithful saints in my life.

God provides use with help mates, leaders, examples, friends, family, supporters. And He has placed these people in our lives to show us His glory and to give us the help we need to glorify Him with our lives. His provision helps us worship Him better. Paul was thankful and prayed for the saints at Ephesus. We too should be praying for the saints in our lives.

Praise God for His Provision.

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