June 12, 2008

Repair Pal

Repair Pal is a beta website that allows you to put in your car make/model/year and choose from a list of repairs to get an estimate of what the repairs should cost you. I checked out the estimated cost to get my A/C repaired in the Golf, and the range was near what I was told by George's Friendly Auto in Lincoln. The problem with my results was the size of the range, $679-$1281. The price I was given was near $1200, so I'm at the high end of that large range.

Check it out. Let me know what you think.


  1. the repair pal site lacks personality. the stupid cartoon and the primary colors is a big turn off!

    it's too bad they don't allow you to just type in the problems with the car like the tax programs. instead it assumes you already went to a mechanic.

    if you have that many repairs that you need an account with them, then isn't it time to get another car?

    some other sites:

  2. Would just like to ask if these repair auto shops are safe and are not the same with those who rip you off. I’m just trying to make sure. Thanks.